Bed Bug Control and Prevention
How you get bed bugs, how to protect your home and how to protect yourself while traveling.

Whether you have faced a bed bug infestation before or not, on-going prevention is critical. Prevention is so important because for the most part, it is something you can do without relying on other people. And it is better to protect yourself from an infestation in the first place than to live through one.

If you have successfuly overcome a bed bug infestation, I know you'll want to do everything in your power to prevent going through the ordeal again. But no matter what the situation, taking precautions to protect yourself, your family and your home from bed bugs is not hard. It most often is inexpensive and only takes a few minutes.

Bed Bug Control

How to Control Bed Bugs
What to do when you're past prevention and extermination is not an option.

Bed Bug Repellant
Do the various things claimed to be bed bug repellants really work?

Bed Bug Protection at Home

Where do Bed Bugs Come From?
It's a myth that dirty conditions cause bed bugs. Here are the ways in which a home or dwelling can become infested with bed bugs.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs? A New Threat.
You thought you had all your bases covered. But are you putting your home at risk? Read about this little-known way you get bed bugs.

Home Bed Bug Prevention Tips
These tips show you how to protect your home and family from bed bugs

Bed Bug Vaseline Trick
Way back, bed bugs were actually pretty common. This old-school trick helps keep bed bugs out of your bed.

Mattress Encasements - What Does a Bed Bug Mattress Cover Do?
Mattress encasements are a critical tool in bed bug control. This section will tell you what they are and how they're used in both bed bug control and bed bug prevention.

Bed Bug Protection for Travel

How to Avoid Bed Bugs Hotels
How to quickly check your hotel online before you make a reservation.

How to Check a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs in Under 10 Minutes
An easy guide to inspecting your hotel room to identify a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Protection Tips for Travel
How to protect yourself and your family from bed bugs while traveling. Just as important, how to protect your home when you return.

Bedbugs in Hotels and Hostels
Sometimes you take every precaution when traveling and still wind up in a place that is infested with bed bugs. Here is what you should do if you experience a bed bug outbreak while staying in a hotel or hostel.

Bed Bug Control and Prevention FAQs