Bed Bug Insecticides

Better Bed Bugs Extermination Through Chemistry

There are several ways to kill bedbugs including the use of insecticides. But before you dash out and start spending money, let’s go over just what bed bug insecticides are and how they work. Although it is possible to make insecticide at home, I’m only going to cover commercial formulas here.

Chances are you will have to buy more than one type of bed bug insecticide. This is because different types of insecticides are meant to have different effects. On top of that, different areas of infestation require treatment with different types of insecticides. This might seem a bit overkill but remember: this is war and there are no medals for second place. You can get rid of bed bugs but it may take some effort.

What are insecticides?

Insecticides are also known as pesticides:a chemical formula created to kill or repel insects. I’ll use insecticide and pesticide interchangeably here. Bed bug pesticides can take the form of sprays, liquids, powders or solids. They are created from organic, inorganic, botanical or microbial substances.

A bed bug pesticide will show the active ingredient on the label. By understanding something about the active ingredient, you can make better decisions on which insecticide to use.

Let’s dive into how each particular pesticide works its magic.


Deltamethrin is among the most popular and widely used contact insecticide. It falls under the class of pesticides known as pyrethroids which are synthensized from pyrethrins. Similar insecticide active ingredients you might also see from this class: cyfluthrin, cypermethrin, pyrethrum .

Odorless and leaving no visible residue, deltamethrin is relatively safe. It is also biodegradable, breaking down in a few days exposure to sunlight. Although safe for most people and pets (mammals) it’s not so safe for your goldfish or other aquatic family member. So be careful where you use it.

Deltamethrin, along with other pyrethrins, is a neurotoxin. It works on mature and non-mature bed bugs by exciting their nerves, paralyzing them. Normally the insect would clear this chemical from their body and recover. However, it is normally combined with another compound that prevents the bed bug from recovering. This ensures that the insecticide is lethal. Generally available in liquid, powder and aerosol forms. It gives a quick knockdown of insects in an area but has little residual effect.


Hydroprene is an insect growth regulator. It does not kill bed bugs directly, hence it is not meant for quick knockdown. Instead, it prevents bed bugs from reaching maturity and reproducing. In this way, it has a good long-term effect as a bed bug pesticide.

Hypdrorene is fairly safe and can be used in sensitive areas. It can only be used indoors as it breaks down in sunlight. It’s generally available as an insecticide in liquid, aerosol and solid forms.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of a type of algae. It is harmless to children and pets.
In fact, you may already be using diatomaceous earth to mop up chemical spills in your driveway or to
keep Fluffy’s litterbox under control. Diatomaceous kills bed bugs by sucking all the moisture out of thier exoskeleton, causing them to dehydrate and die.

A warning about diatomaceous earth.

It is also sold for swimming pool filters. The product specially treated for pool filtering is much different than what you buy for use as an insecticide. It is dangerous to both humans and pets so don’t mix them up or try to substitute one for the other.

Only use diatomaceous earth specifically designed for bed bug control.

Diatomaceous earth normally comes in dust or powder form and is easy to use. Because it works mechanically and not chemically, it isn’t consumed or used up. It has good long-term effectiveness. However it is not used for a fast knockdown.

Now what?

You’ll use a combination of different pesticide types to eliminate bed bugs. This is because each has a different effect.
You’ll want a quick knockdown of bed bugs. However insecticides won’t get into all areas where bedbugs hide. Therefore you also want longer lasting insecticides that serve to shield clean areas and cut down on any future generations of insects.

If you do a search below, you’ll see that many manufacturers offer a selection of insecticides that complement eachother. In essence, the manufacturer is selling you a system for exterminating bed bugs. When you purchase their products you can use their guidelines to proceed. But nothing is fool-proof–it is always important to understand the way these insecticides work so that you can make your own decisions.

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