Bed Bug Pictures

High-quality pictures of bed bugs from different angles.

One of the main causes behind the current bed bug resurgence is a lack of awareness. Many people think that bed bugs are just a part of the “sleep tight” saying. They don’t realize that bed bugs are in fact real. They’ve never seen pictures of bed bugs or read about them. Bed bugs are starting to feature more prominently in the news however. So the awareness is slowly spreading.

On this page I’ve pulled together a group of bed bug pictures that aim to show them from a few different angles. This should give you a pretty clear idea of what they look like. If you find something suspicious, come back to this page. With these pictures you should be able to identify a possible bed bug.

Translucent Bed Bug

Image credit: wikimedia

Side view of bed bug

Image credit: Temasek Polytechnic

Two bed bugs side by side

Image credit: Kansas State University

Bed bug on hand

Image credit: CDC

Tiny bed bug close-up

Image credit: CDC

Group of bed bugs

Image credit: Wikipedia

Top view of bed bug

Image credit: Seattle PI

Another top view of bed bug

Image credit: Wikipedia

Bed bug on paper

Image credit: Wikipedia

Two bed bugs mating

Image credit: Wikipedia

Angle view of bed bug

Image credit: Wikimedia

Remember that bed bugs are small and they tend to stay out of sight, especially during the day. If you don’t have a full-on infestation, you might have to bring a flashlight to bed and try to catch them late at night. If you have a really bad infestation you will notice them without too much trouble however.

Also check out the page What do bed bugs look like? to get an extended description of bedbugs and both Bed Bug Bite Pictures and Bed Bug Bite Symptoms to help determine if you’ve been bitten or not.