The Bedbug Vaseline Trick

An old school approach for getting rid of bed bug bites.

A long time ago, somebody figured out that bedbugs can’t cross a patch of vaseline. This means that you can use vaseline to both catch and to stop bedbugs. This can come in handy when trying to keep them out of your bed.

Bedbugs don’t fly and they don’t jump. The only way they can get into your bed is if they can reach it themselves or if you carry them in on your person or belongings. If you’re pretty sure that you’re not acting as a bed bug taxi cab, then you just need to keep them from attacking your bed from other places. Using vaseline to stop bedbugs from crawling up the legs of your bed is an old school approach that is acknowledged by professionals. Don’t think that it is the solution to all your bedbug problems — it’s not.

But it can cut down on the bedbugs that reach you and their bites.

1. Wash all the bedding.

First, make sure to properly launder your linens and anything else that goes on the bed. This means washing and drying everything at a temperature above 113 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature at which bed bugs die. To be technical, make sure that you get all your bedding above 113 degrees for an extended period of time. Say 15 – 20 min. Most washers and dryers will do this on the highest heat settings.

2. Clean the bed.

Next, you’ll have to deal with the bed. Vacuum the bed, mattress and box spring thoroughly, being sure to get any bedbugs you can see. You’ll want to dispose of your vacuum bag immediately, taking care not to let any bed bugs escape into the vacuum or onto the floor. You’ll also want to dispose of the trash bag immediately, getting it out of the house so there is no chance bedbugs can get back in.

3. Put on mattress encasements.

Then put bedbug encasements around both the mattress and the box spring. Do you like being the midnight snack for an army of hungry bedbugs? If not, buy the encasements. Even if you call and exterminator down the road (which you should) they will tell you to get the encasements. Might as well buy them now.

4. Isolate the bed.

Treat it with bed bug spray and make sure it isn’t touching any walls or shelving. You want it so that they only way a bed bug could get into your bed is through the bed’s legs.

Get the metal tops of four pickle jars. Place them with the top part down underneath the legs of the bed. They should look like little cups underneath each bed leg. You can fill these with soapy water or mineral oil. Just make sure that you keep these filled daily. Think of them as moats protecting your slumber castle.

This brings us to the bed bug vaseline trick. Coat the bottom of the bed legs with vaseline. Then put all your bedding back on your bed, being careful not to drop anything on the ground and contaminate it.

Following these steps isn’t a permanent solution. But it should help keep bedbugs out of your bed. Give it a try.