Dead Bed Bug Survival Guide

Exactly what you've been looking for: the complete DIY manual for getting rid of bed bugs.

By now you’ve no doubt read a lot about getting rid of bed bugs. You are probably starting to have a good idea of what’s involved. And you’re probably also starting to get frustrated because:

There doesn’t seem to be a single, definitive definitive resource to help you perform do-it-yourself bed bug management.

You just need one clearly explained method you can follow, with all the necessary details and none of the fluff. If you are committed to DIY, then there is a book out there that has exactly what you need: the Dead Bed Bug Survival Guide.

I purchased the Dead Bed Bug Survival Guide recently and I’m impressed. It is a slim, well made manual for bed bug management. It is simple, well organized, detailed and clear. In short: it’s everything you need to know about getting rid of bed bugs and it doesn’t sidetrack you or bog you down with unnecessary details.

Finally: a simple, comprehensive method.

The Dead Bed Bug Survival Guide breaks bed bug management down into a simple model that is clear to understand:

  • Detect – How to identify bed bugs, where to look for them.
  • Destroy – Kill the bed bugs that you find.
  • Deter – Apply treatments with a longer lasting effect, to kill bed bugs you can’t reach and keep them away from you.
“I was so confused and bewildered by my experience with bed bugs. I purchased this product to learn more about bed bugs and treating bed bugs. I finally saw the light.” — Reviewer: madeline

The book provides clear directions for carrying out each of those activities. Those directions are then broken into small steps. Pictures illustrate many of the tasks. You’re told what to do, where to do it and how to do it. This helps ensure you don’t skip important actions.

The included checklists and note sheets help you track critical details.

The Appendices section is filled with checklists and note sheets. You can photocopy these and use them to make sure you don’t skip or miss anything. Tracking details is critical and the book does a great job of helping you do that.

A complete solution from an experienced company.

This book is published by Q-Based Solutions Inc. They claim to have a lot of research and testing to back up the quality of their products. And they don’t just sell the manual, they offer a full line of environmentally friendly, non-toxic pesticides and dusts and the tools to carry out their model of bed bug control.

“Purchased this product to go along with my kit. I really think the step by step information included greatly increased the success of our situation.” — Reviewer: Donnie U.

Absolutely essential for DIY bed bug control.

If you are the DIY yourself type and you want to tackle your bed bug problem, this book is absolutely necessary. I would be a lot more confident following the contents of this book than collecting, filtering and piecing together my own method from a collection of other sources scattered around the internet. There is a lot of value in having all the information in one place. And it’s very well done. I would even go so far as to say that this book is underpriced!

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