Pictures of Bed Bugs
What kind of bug is it? Is it a bed bug? These pictures of bed bugs help you decide.

I'm guessing you're not an entomologist (somebody that studies insects). I will also guess that you're here because you think you may have a bed bug problem but you're not quite sure. You either found a bug and want to see if it is a bed bug or you want to know what a bed bug looks like before you try to find one.

I bet I'm a good guesser. But even if I'm not, you came here to see bed bug pictures and I've got them for you.

And if you have pictures of bed bugs or bed bug bites, please consider sending them in to share with others. It makes a big difference to others when they can see what bed bugs and their bites look like.

Bed Bug Picture Galleries

Bed Bug Pictures
This gallery of bed bug pictures will help you identify any bugs you've found.

Pictures of Bed Bug Infestations
These bed bug pictures show various bed bug infestations in different areas to help you identify a bed bug infestation.

Bed Bugs Mattress Pictures
The most likely place to find bed bugs is in and around the bed. These bed bugs mattress pictures help you identify an infestation.

Bed Bug Bite Pictures
These pictures show the distinct pattern of the bed bug bite.

Send in your Pictures of Bed Bugs and Bed Bug Bites Pictures
Have a picture of bed bugs? Help others by sending it in.

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