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The following links will help you address your specific bed bug situation.

Bed Bug Bites
Odd bite marks on your body? It may or may not be bed bugs. This section has bed bug bite pictures and covers bed bug bite symptoms and how to treat bed bug bites.

Bed Bug Detection and Identification
If you've never seen a bed bug before it can be hard to know if you have an infestation. These articles, pictures and FAQs help you identify bed bugs and detect an infestation.

Pictures of Bed Bugs
If you've found a bug and aren't sure what it is, these pictures of bed bugs can help you decide.

What do bed bugs look like?
Do you have bed bugs? What does an infestation look like? This section shows you what a bed bug looks like and how to find and recognize signs of bed bugs.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs
Ok, so you have bed bugs. Now you want to know how you get rid of them. This section covers how to kill bed bugs, DIY bed bug treatment and has information on choosing and working with bed bugs exterminators.

Bed Bug Control and Prevention
Maybe you've never had bed bugs. Or maybe you have had them and don't want them again. This section covers how you get bed bugs, how to protect your home and how to protect yourself while traveling.

Mattress Encasements
Mattress encasements are a critical tool in bed bug control. This section will tell you what they are and how they're used in both bed bug control and bed bug prevention.

Find a Bed Bug Exterminator
You'll want to call an exterminator if you know you have bed bugs or if you're not sure and need a professional assesment. This tool gives you an easy way to find a local, pre-screened bed bug exterminator.

If nothing seems to fit, ask me directly.

News and Updates

Bed Bugs in Schools, Hotels September 15, 2011
Another day, another PR piece that is actually worth reading. Yahoo posted a pretty good PR article recently by Bell Environmental Services about how to protect your home from bed bugs your kids might pick up at school.

In New York City, bed bug incidents in public schools rose to 3,590 last year, more than triple the 2009-2010 school year.
That’s a pretty significant number. The article suggests ways of handling your child’s backpack to reduce the chance of bringing bed bugs home from school. Worth a read so go check it out. And yet another good PR piece, this time by via
In the wake of the 2010 Bedbug Epidemic the number of bedbug reports for 2011 (January 1–September 1) shattered 2010 totals by more than 660%.
If you’re interested, go see the cities with the largest number of bed bug reports. Here’s a hint. You’ve heard the saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Apparently not so for bed bug bites and bed bugs. I gave you a few ideas for avoiding bed bug hotels. It looks like you can add to the list of places you can research a hotel before you travel.

Bed Bug Prevention From The Healthy Back Store September 7, 2011
Although just a PR piece from The Healthy Back Store, this article on has some solid information on protecting yourself against bed bugs before, during and after you travel. (more »)

Avoid Bed Bugs when Traveling September 5, 2011
British sisters awarded more than $2,500 for hotel bedbug bites — Two sisters staying at a 2 star hotel in London recently won $2500 in an out of court settlement after suffering from bed bug bites. How bad was it? (more »)

Bed Bugs and Panic Part I: Bed Bug Bites August 31, 2011
I’ve been getting a lot of emails from people lately. These emails generally fall into one of three categories. The first two have to do with jumping to conclusions. The third has to do with handling an ugly situation. I’ll cover each kind of email with its own blog post, starting with this one on bed bug bites. (more »)

New Article: How Do You Get Bed Bugs? A New Threat. May 23, 2011
Okay, so I wouldn’t say this is exactly a new threat unless I was trying to be punny. (Yes, I cringe at my jokes too. We’ll get through this together.) However, there are a few ways you can get bed bugs and this article covers something in particular that people don’t often think about it: How Do You Get Bed Bugs? A New Threat.

Bed Bugs and Your Love Life September 29, 2010
Ever wondered how big an impact bed bugs could have on your love life?

45 percent of singles polled said they would cancel a date if someone admitted to a bedbug infestation.
I consider bedbugs to be in the same category as murderers or drug addicts
Wow. Guess you really, really want to make sure you protect yourself. Luckily you are in the right place to learn. From The Body Odd at MSN.

New Article: PackTite: The Ruthlessly Efficient Bed Bug Killing Machine
I posted a new article on the products page today: PackTite: The Ruthlessly Efficient Bed Bug Killing Machine. The headline might seem a bit strong but the product really is a devastating tool to have in the fight against bed bugs. Why? Because heat is a very effective bed bug killer — it can kill all stages of bed bugs including eggs. And you can use heat to treat personal belongings that are otherwise difficult to treat. The PackTite makes the whole process safe and simple. Read the article for more information.

New Article: Testing the Bedbug Beacon Bed Bug Monitor August 10, 2010
I travel every couple of months for business. Although I take precautions to avoid bed bugs, you just never know when a few might manage to sneak a ride into your home on your luggage or belongings. I bought the Bedbug Beacon Bed Bug Monitor to use as an early detection system. I just got back from a trip and put the monitor to use. Here is my experience with it so far.

Catching Bed Bugs with Vaseline? July 22, 2010
The idea of slathering the legs of my bed with Vaseline doesn’t really appeal to me. Many beds (like mine) have designs that don’t really lend themselves well to this. I have a sleigh bed which doesn’t have individual legs. It has two big pieces of wood at the head and the foot of the bed that touch the floor. So for each end of the bed I would need to coat all four sides of a piece of wood roughly 4.5 feet wide x 2 inches deep. I don’t want to damage the wood and I don’t want Vaseline on the carpet. I also don’t want it out where my pets can get to it. If the above applies to you, what can you do? The Bedbug Beacon is a nice choice. You can see the most popular ways of catching bed bugs here.

Does tape help catching bed bugs? July 19, 2010
It’s possible to use double-sided tape to trap bed bugs. Essentially, you find a way to cover the bed legs in double-sided tape (you can also use vaseline). When bed bugs try to enter the bed by climbing up the bed legs, they likely will get stuck. It’s not foolproof but it’s a start. To do this you can either apply the tape directly to the legs of your bed or you can make a kind of sleeve that fits to the legs of the bed and coat the sleeve with the tape. The advantage of using the sleeve is that it won’t leave sticky tape residue on the bed legs. Read Bed Bug Traps Compared to get a better view of all the methods. It also links out to pages with more information on using the double-sided tape and vaseline.

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